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Thinking of dying your hair black but confused? When trying to decide on dying your hair black, you need to first weigh the pros and cons. For those with naturally black hair and who are starting to gray, the decision is simple. Then there are those who do not have naturally black hair or are used to lighter hair color; the decision will be a little weightier.  Dark hair, especially black, is striking and has a seductive and mysterious nature. Dying your hair black can alter your perception of yourself and others will also see you differently.
There are definitely pros and cons to deciding to dye your hair black. For every pro, there is a con to consider. Those who take that step and go dark for the most part are happy with their decision. Be sure to go weigh all the pros against the cons.


Black hair can look seductive, healthy and glossy. The mystery seems to surround those who have darker hair or black hair. For some people, dark hair adds an edginess that makes the person seem more brooding and passionate.

Thicker and Denser Hair

Naturally, dark hair is thicker and fuller, this is attributed to the DNA of the person. The darker pigment of the hair shaft gives the appearance of thicker and denser hair. Those who have thinner hair would benefit from dying their hair black.

Showcases Your Assets

Black hair can act as a natural frame to highlight your best assets. Eye color and shape can be accentuated when a person has darker or black hair. Complexion can be made to look more youthful and can create a great contrast with the black hair.  Hairstyles can even look better with black hair. Bobs, wedge cuts, and geometric cuts are generally more accentuated when the person’s hair color is darker or black.

Hides Damaged Hair

It is a known fact that dark hair hides damaged hair. Hair looks stronger and split ends, or over-processed hair is not as noticeable with black hair or darker brunettes. No matter the style or length, if you have damaged hair, consider dying it black to help camouflage the damage.

Timeless and Classy

Since Cleopatra women have been called classy and timeless when they have black hair. Those with lighter hair are not necessarily considered to be timeless. Black hair is not boring or conservative; it has a timeless quality that will never go out of style.


The cons of dying hair black is as below: Dying your hair is permanent. Once a person dyes their hair a darker color or even black, it is very difficult to change their hair color. Lightening the color without completely stripping the hair of color is impossible once the hair is dyed black.

Black Scalp Stains

Certain black hair dyes can leave stains on the scalp that have to fade out over time. If you are not sure if hair dye will cause black scalp stains, then test it on your arm before applying to your scalp. Never apply hair dye to your eyebrows, it could cause stains on your face as well.

Hair stain black

Can Wash Out Your ComplexionWhile on many people black hair can make their complexions more youthful, there are some who will look washed out and too pale. Some people can also look harder and older.

Fades Quickly

Those people who do not have naturally black hair and have to dye their hair will have the problem of their dyed hair fading quickly. Dyed black hair must be regularly maintained to keep it from fading and looking dull or listless.

Roots Show

Just like dyed black hair fading quickly, the roots will also show more quickly. There is nothing worse than having glossy, beautiful hair except at the roots. There are now root touch ups for those who dye their hair and that is the answer for many to have their roots show quickly. Rather than needing to dye your entire head of hair when the roots start to grow out, just use the root touch up.
Source: Daily Mail
While the pros of dying your hair black seem clear cut, some of the cons may have you thinking twice. Black hair is classy and timeless, but it comes with the price of frequently touch ups and high maintenance if you do not have naturally dark hair.

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