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For African American women, the burning issue is care of damaged hair. Ethnic hair gets dry, rough and frizz therefore requires more than normal moisture and consideration. What you need is to follow african American hair care tips to get remarkable results as manageable and smooth locks with less breakage are possible with hair treatment.To avoid hair damage, it is necessary to wash your hair and remove all debris. It is perfect if you are using moisture-rich shampoo for cleansing and detangling hair. Shampoo with protein gives healthy appearance to brittle and damaged hair. Do not use hot water while washing your hair as it will take out moisture in hair and make ends dry. After using shampoo, wash your hair and select conditioner set lotion to untangle hair. Always use conditioner at hair ends because it is the most damaged part of hair.If you are using petroleum and mineral oil based products, bring change in your routine and select some organic products. Mineral oil products take out moisture and keep hair in dry form. In an organic product, there is no harmful chemical. For damaged hair, use leave-in conditioner or get Aloe Vera treatment on routine basis.

Use the code LOVESUMMER and get 20% off Solia brand and 30% off Sedu brand products at in a week, give hot oil treatment to your hair to make them healthy, strong and shiny. For this purpose pour almond oil, mustard oil or olive oil in pan and let it get hot on stove. Place on cool place to get temperature that is bearable for hair. After using hot oil on scalp and hair, cover your head with shower cap for one to two hours.To get different hairstyles, African American women feel it necessary to use ironing, blow dryer or straightener. Heat products are harmful for hair, therefore use heat protecting quality product to avoid hair damage. For hair straightening, always select ceramic comb. Make it sure that it is not too hot. Always keep straightener on lowest temperature to minimize the chances of hair damage.Hair of African American women is curly and thick therefore it is important to select comb carefully. Stop using bristle brush as it damages hair. Always use comb with wide ends. Let hair dry naturally and then comb in slow motion from hair ends.It is common hairstyle for African American women to set their hair by making tight braids, weaves or cornrows. Too tight hair style damage hair and make scalp itchy as well.Before going to sleep, you must use satin or silk based pillow case or scarf to avoid hair loss. Moreover, this stuff put off acne problems.If you are interested to follow african American hair care tips then you must pay attention to protein treatment. Use egg or Aphogee once in a month to stop hair loss, breakage and dryness. This treatment gives shine to rough hair.

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